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Adam Brody: Porn has made us more peaceful


Adam Brody, if you’re going to claim that pornography makes us “more peaceful” you have to also stand by the assumption that men are naturally violent and rapists. I’m not comfortable making that assumption because, quite frankly, I think it lets men off the hook for their actions.

Whenever I hear men express sentiments such as “porn prevents rape,” all I can think is, “OH GREAT, you’re a rapist. You just haven’t felt the need to go through with it because you can watch women get raped on camera!”

I’d say porn is pretty damn prevalent in the US, but 1 in 5 women will be raped in her lifetime. How does that constitute a peaceful society? Not to mention, we know that instances of rape actually increase when restrictions are lifted on the availability of pornography.

I could write about how harmful porn is until my fingers fall off, but men like Adam Brody will always step up to remind us that they don’t give a shit about women, and that they will continue to present us with the choice: “let us watch porn, or we will rape you.”

Except they’ll continue to do both.

All of the above, and the fact that the ‘porn reduces rape’ rebuttal is total fucking bullshit that has absolutely no basis in research. There are dozens of studies, however, that demonstrate a very real connection between sexual violence against women and porn consumption. This paper sites several

More science!

Pornography and attitudes supporting violence against women

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Oh Salon, your shitty faux journalism has become nothing more than link bait inflammatory shit for plebeians. Scraping the bottom of the internet barrel, competing w/ Cracked and Buzzfeed.

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What happens when both parties are too drunk and sex happens?



I’m basing this on NY state law, which does not prohibit a person from consenting to sex while under the influence of alcohol/other drugs unless the substance was administered to the person without their knowledge or that person was rendered unconscious by said substance.

Look, it’s unrealistic to assume that people are only going to have sex when they’re 100% sober, and it’s not helpful to tell men that they’re raping every time they meet someone at a party and take them home. It’s also not helpful (or correct) to tell women that they forfeit any right to claim they were sexually assaulted as soon as they ingest a substance. There is no black-and-white “you’re a rapist if you do X” or “you can’t claim you were raped if you did y.”

Alcohol and other substances impair judgement. It might make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, more susceptible to being “taken advantage of,” or it might compromise your ability to tell if your partner is entirely into what you’re doing. So here’s what you do:

  • Give (and ask for) clear, enthusiastic, verbal consent before the encounter occurs.
  • Check in periodically throughout the encounter. Stop if your partner hesitates or says no. Ask your partner to stop if you feel at all uncomfortable. The best part about this one? It can coincide with dirty talk. (“Do you like the way I’m xing your y?”) (“Let’s not do x. But I really want you to do y”)
  • When in doubt, stop.

This is a really, really complicated issue. I have known people who have been on both sides of it. I think we can reduce the number of these instances with a little bit of education. Conveniently, next month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so I’ll probably be posting about that. :)