10. What is your favorite song?

Does anyone actually have an answer to this? I feel like this has changed so much throughout my life. 

Currently, my favorite song is probably “Audience” by Cold War Kids. If we’re looking at the past five years, it’s “Best for Last” by Adele (still my #1 choice to sing in the shower), but if we’re talking about my entire life, hands down it’s “Layla” by Clapton (the version from his Unplugged) album.

I know “Layla” is ridiculously popular/overplayed, but that’s because it’s just a great song. And if you’ve never heard the Unplugged version, GET ON THAT. It’s perfect.

Rebel Underground Bingo

I went to a CMJ event with @zigahzagah and Lauren last night… Cold War Kids played and it was magical (once they figured out the sound issues created by the shitty equipment they were forced to use).

After all the bands/DJs were done, they brought in The Rebel Underground Bingo Club. There wasn’t really anything rebellious about it, other than the fact that we were drinking. The hosts were this British guy and his posse of “sexy” announcers… Granted, the girls were pretty, but they were so hilariously trying to Playboy it up. Also, it was a little… cultish? They kept saying they were going to change our lives. I don’t feel any different.

Here’s basically what happened when the numbers were called:

"Sexy" Announcer (in a trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy voice): "I like to do it on the floor. It’s number sixty-four!”


[“Sexy” Announcer begins to writhe around on the British dude]

Audience: “…”

It’s a good thing the event had an open bar. Otherwise, I think everyone would have left. Maybe it’s better when they do it at their own venue? I don’t know, it was just kind of awkward.

Of course the British dude thought this was life-changing… he had scantily clad women dancing all over him! The rest of us were just trying to balance our drinks with our tickets & wishing they could figure out a way to project the numbers on the screen instead of “WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. THIS IS REBEL UNDERGROUND BINGO.”

Anyway, @newyorkcityspeed, if you still want to go when you get back to NY, I suggest going on a night when it’s offered for free at some event or trying to get discounted tickets somehow. 


Top 5 Artists, as seen in “High Fidelity”

…with slight amendments to the rules by @theunscientificmethod

 1) you have to own the plurality of the artists’ work, although exceptions made for really really early stuff, greatest of compilations and critical low points

 2) no one-hit wonders, you have to have been able to develop your relationship with the artist through multiple albums/years

3) you need to show diversity of time period, genre or sound, preferably, all of the above; it is unacceptable to have a list made up entirely of sludgy male guitars from the early ’90s

4) you cannot make your list with any eye towards its coolness cred and thus must be prepared to defend your love of typically derided artists

In no particular order, here’s my Top 5:

  1. Elton John
  2. Jimmy Eat World
  3. Cold War Kids
  4. Something Corporate
  5. Spoon

I had Adele on the list instead of Spoon, but then I realized that she might be too new to qualify (since this is supposed to be over the course of your whole life, not just the 5 artists you like the most right now).